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Renaissance Capital’s IPO Intelligence research platform brings you comprehensive, unbiased pre-IPO research and models on U.S. and international IPOs, so you can separate the good IPOs from the bad.
IPO Intelligence is your objective, comprehensive way to identify winning IPOs - brought to you by Renaissance Capital LLC
Delivering the best ipo research to the world's top investment firms for over 30 years
IPO Intelligence gives you an actionable investment opinion on every major IPO. You`ll get the real bull-bear case with an in-depth valuation analysis in enough time to use it.

The research process used by theipo experts at renaissance capital

IPO Intelligence is the leading independent pre-IPO research platform for institutional investors, financial sponsors, investment banks and IPO advisory firms. Our service provides real-time IPO alerts and in-depth fundamental research, valuation analysis and financial models on every US IPO and major global listings.

It is the premier resource for comprehensive tracking of the US and global IPO markets. The top institutional investors rely on IPO Intelligence to help identify and analyze these new investment opportunities.

Our research can be tailored to our clients’ areas of interest, including small vs large cap, growth vs value, U.S. vs International, sector focus, etc. Clients are able to consult with our research analysts and request custom data sets.

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Full IPO Lifecycle Research
  • Private Company Watchlist
  • IPO Pipeline
  • Profile
  • Mgmt Questions
  • Pre-IPO Research
  • Comp Table / DCF Model
  • Pricing Insights

In-Depth Pre-IPO Research: Our Pre-IPO research gives you an actionable investment opinion on every IPO. Within days of an IPO filing terms, you’ll have an in-depth but highly scannable look at the business, management team and shareholder makeup, valuation and relevant comparables. You’ll get the real bull and the bear case for every deal, relevant industry insights and meeting prep questions for management meetings.

DCF Models and Comp Sheets: Our Excel DCF models allows users to scrutinize line-by-line our forward financial estimates, measure the effect of different growth forecasts on our fair value estimate, and integrate the data with their own investment platforms. It also integrates with our comp sheets, letting you see the impact of changes in estimates or multiples and allowing you to customize the peer group.

Improved Aerial View: Our detailed calendars provide a dashboard for all upcoming U.S. and non-U.S. new listings, as well as quiet period and insider lock-up expirations. Our clients also receive regular top down IPO market commentary, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual IPO reviews.

Comprehensive Coverage: We cover all industries, market capitalizations and institutionally investable foreign listings. Each prospective IPO flows through the multi-step coverage process shown above.

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